We offer Special solutions for special needs...

We specialize in the field of transport packagings for Pyrotechnic articles and Batteries for the automotive and Recycling industry. We develope, test and administrate the whole process and distribution of the final solution.
In short we develop and supply special packaging solutions for special customers with special needs.

Step 1

You ask for help and present your needs. We propose a conceptual solution or already available product..

Step 2

We quote based on your needs. We partner up and develop a solution based on your product and other requirements. We design, test and certify the solution.

Step 3

We start production and deliver, and you use the final product.

we Think about legal Requirements, functionality, environment, quality and cost first.
Then we offer....

SAFETY in a box.

We develop both our customers and ourselves continously....

VD - 2022-11-14

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Certifiering

Idag har vi genomgått revision för certifiering enligt ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. Vi inväntar formellt certifikat inom ca. 2 veckor. Certifikat kan Distribueras till Kunder på begäran.

VD - 2022-11-14


Vi publicerar vår miljöpolicy nedan för de kunder och intressenter som vill veta mer om vårt Miljöarbete.

VD - 22-11-14


Vi publicerar vår Kvalitetspolicy nedan för de intressenter som vill veta mer om vårt kvalitetsarbete.


Our latest production packaging NET8514A, With an Outer dimension of 2440x1665x740mm. Allowing a load of up to 28 Racks per trailer. (25200kg)

Approved for transport of Large Lithium batteries according to Packaging instruction LP903/LP904.

There are currently 2 OEM's using this large packaging in their after market flows. It is UN-approved for a stackable weight of 900 kilos on top of the bottom packaging. (1+2)

LArge Battery rack (50A)

Our latest Large Packaging NET8514A is specially made for transport of Large lithium batteries. Stackable, foldable and reusable. It is adapted to fit well in the logistic chain where size, weight and space must be as effectively used as possible.

Recycling packaging 50A/4A

Our Battery and Airbag Recycling steel boxes NET8503A and NET8503B is commonly used for transport of dangerous goods with elevated risk potential. The size of this box is 1225x820x970mm.

The packaging is verified thru testing to withstand high fire loads, internal explosions and reactions from the transported products (airbags or lithium batteries.)

It is collapsible with a 3:1 ratio. (volume of 3 collapsed equals 1 Expanded)

NET8503A-50A is approved for transport of UN3268, UN3090, UN3091, UN3480 and UN3481 according to packaging instructions: LP902, LP903 and LP904.

NET8503B-4A is approved for transport of UN3090, UN3091, UN3480 and UN3481 according to packaging instructions: P903, P908, P909, P910 and P911

AWARDED - Best dangerous goods transport solutions designer - Northern Europe - 2020 by Corporate Vision

The award was based on our dual pack hybrid battery solution "EMB 2685" for VOLVO CAR CORPORATION. The winning background was the successful test and new approach to be able to pack 2 batteries in a "large packaging" 50H as described under "contentent" found in the certificate which you can find here: NET8508A.

Airbag Box (4H2)

Our first Packaging made of returnable corrugated plastic (PP). This Returnable box was originally developed for Airbags. In general it was used with side airbags, inflatable curtain airbags and pedestrian airbags. Also applicable for transport of lithium batteries or non dangerous goods.

Our running certificates.

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